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A place to store and enjoy your wines?

Hip Cellar Co-Tasting Space

Book your WineSpot and share your own wines with friends.

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From Monday to Saturday, from 4pm to 11pm, book a WineSpot to taste and share your own wines with fellow wine lovers and friends at Hip Cellar – it’s a FREE BENEFIT for all Hip Cellar storage users. No minimum spending. Booking essential – please use our online booking system to book your WineSpot. All sessions are 2 hours long. 

Hip Cellar Co-Tasting Space

Some house rules to keep everyone happy...

  1. Bookings will open 14 days in advance only. No-show for more than 3 times may result in temporary suspension of booking rights. Cancellation can be done 3 hours in advance of your booking.

  2. Maximum number of guests and duration of usage corresponds with your booking confirmation.

  3. Cellar storage member (or authorized person) must be present.

  4. No external food is allowed. If you’d like to enjoy some cheese, charcuterie or light food, you are always welcome to order them from AnOther Place’s menu. 

  5. Maximum 3 stems per person and 1 decanter per booking. 

  6. Hip Cellar team reserves full discretion where your WineSpot will be set up within our co-tasting space.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I book for more than 4 persons? Please get in touch with us if you'd like to book for a larger group, or reserve a private room for your tasting. Right now, the booking system of Hip Cellar co-tasting space only accepts booking size of 2 to 4.

  2. Can I book for more than 2 hours? The maximum length of a booking is 2 hours at the moment. If you need to host a tasting longer than 2 hours, please get in touch with us. 

  3. Can I convert my Winespot booking to a dinner booking at AnOther Place? We will try to accommodate on-the-spot requests as best as we can. To secure a dinner booking at AnOther Place, we strongly recommend you to book separately and directly at or via Whatsapp to 5434 2120. 

  4. I want to book a Winespot for wine tasting, then a dinner at AnOther Place - do I need to make 2 bookings? Yes please make separate bookings.

  5. Can I book multiple Winespot sessions during a week? In order to ensure that all members get a chance to use our co-tasting space, we encourage all members to book no more than 2 sessions a week. Gentle reminder: No-show for more than 3 times may result in temporary suspension of booking rights.

If you have any further questions, please use our Chatbox, call us at 2979 0108 or email us at to reach out to us.

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